Wood Waste Recycling is an important process for many construction and demolition projects. At Angelo’s Recycled Materials, we accept a wide variety of clean vegetative debris at all of our locations throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida. These materials are mulched and processed into a variety of reusable products. This service preserves natural resources and supports our commitment to recycling and reusing waste materials to help Florida achieve its statewide recycling goal of 75 percent.



Accepted Wood Waste:

Land Clearing Debris – Trunks, Limbs, Branches

  • Yard Waste – Leaves, Trimmings, etc.
  • Tree Stumps – Stumps over 3’ in diameter may be subject to an additional processing fee

What We Produce:

All locations accept and process wood debris to be reused for other various projects. This allows us to contribute to a more sustainable environment, as well as help reduce the carbon footprint of construction and demolition projects. With recycled wood materials, we are able to produce:

  • Landscape Mulch
  • Boiler Fuel
  • Erosion Control Mulch
  • Fines (organic)
  • Soil Amendments



Contact Us Today for Wood Waste Recycling 

With more than 25 years of experience in construction and demolition recycling, Angelo’s Recycled Materials operates with efficiency, reliability, and professionalism. For Wood Waste Recycling Services for your projects, contact us today at (727) 581-1544.