Angelo’s Recycled Materials mines, also known as borrow pits, supply clean sand, clay, general fill, and top soils for construction jobs throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida. 

Our primary mine, FDOT Mine (#14-38) for embankment and MSE backfill, is located in Dade City and has over 12 million cubic yards of reserve materials. We provide a range of soil products at our various locations on a limited basis.

Our clay liner materials have historically been used on landfill and environmental projects throughout the state of Florida. Our natural soil products are mined from sources without the need for dewatering and can serve all project types and sizes without downtime or delay. This allows us to contribute to Florida’s statewide recycling goal of 75 percent and to preserve natural resources.

Types of Borrow Pit Soils


General Fill (A-2-4)

Spec: Clayey sand mixture with less than 35% passing 200 sieve. Liquid Limit under 40 & Plasticity Index under 10.


A-3 Embankment

Spec: Fine sand with less than 10% passing 200 sieve. Non plastic. Approved by FDOT as embankment.


A-3 Select

Spec: Fine sand with less than 10% passing 200 sieve. Non plastic. Approved by FDOT as MSE backfill.

Clay Stabilizer

Spec: Clayey sand mixture with LBR’s over 40. Non-gumbo.


Pond/Landfill Liner Clay

Spec: Heavy clays, non-gumbo, ideal for applications that require installed permeability that are less than 1×10-7 cm/sec. Minimum of 36% passing 200 sieve.



Spec: Topsoil from our mine is stripped and stockpiled on-site and may be used in applications that require organic material.

Angelo's Recycled Materials has joined one of North America's leading diversified environmental services providers. We are now GFL Environmental! Though our name and look will be changing, you may rest assured that the quality service you've come to expect from us will remain the same. We look forward to working with you as GFL. Should you have any questions about this transition or require further information, please contact us directly.