Angelo’s Story


In 1907, Emilio Iafrate traveled the long journey from Italy to America, a trip that would later open the door for his children to create a better life for themselves. One of these children was Angelo Iafrate, Sr. Born in 1925 in Sora, a town off the western coast of Italy, Angelo had an entrepreneurial drive unlike any other.

In 1955, Angelo Iafrate, Sr. arrived in the United States as an Italian immigrant with a dream. After settling in Michigan, he held several jobs, often working 20-hour days to realize his dream of a better life for himself and his family. Two years and 80 hard-earned dollars later, he brought this dream to life when he bought an old pick-up truck and started recycling concrete. This first business, Angelo’s Cement Company based out of Detroit, Michigan, was the beginning of Angelo’s Recycled Materials. 

Through hard work, a love of construction, and his famous motto of “Keep-a-go,” Angelo’s concrete recycling business took off quickly. Over time, the business evolved into more complex projects, expanding in both the services provided and geographic reach.

Today, the company founded by Angelo, Sr. has grown even more to include recycling, construction materials, mines/quarries, waste management, and heavy construction. Since its inception, Angelo’s Recycled Materials has become the dominant independent solid waste and recycling operation in Central Florida, commonly referred to as a well-balanced company with “A” talent. 

From 1957 to 1998, Angelo started ten family businesses, mainly consisting of heavy civil highway contractors, recycling services, and materials suppliers. During the peak of these family businesses, Angelo employed 2,500 people, with revenues approaching one billion dollars. Every operation runs under the common values of Hard Work, Honesty, and High Quality. 

Our Family Businesses


The Angelo Iafrate Companies have become one of the most respected organizations in the United States, and are recognized innovators in construction services and the processing of recycled materials. Iafrate Companies have also won numerous awards nationwide, all while successfully servicing private, industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors. 

And, Angelo’s Recycled Materials has no plans of slowing down. In his lifetime, Angelo has created a legacy for his family to carry on. His core values are maintained today by the ownership team of family members, including Dominic, Sr., Angelo, Jr., Johnny, Dominic, Jr., and Stephen.

Our Focus on Customer Service and Sustainability


In 1997, we launched a new branch in Florida to focus on green-industry markets and serve the growing demand for recycled materials. Today, this branch has seven facilities spread out across Central Florida. As a fully integrated solid waste company offering the collection, recycling, and disposal of construction/demolition debris and CLIII materials, we work to provide the construction industry with recycled materials that preserve natural resources and reduce cost to these projects. We are committed to recycling and reusing materials to help Florida achieve its statewide recycling goal of 75 percent and to preserve natural resources.

Our humble beginnings have always remained close to us, and are a big part of who we are. We pride ourselves on our work, innovation, and high quality recycled materials, just like Angelo, Sr. did. The entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to serving others is at the heart of all we do, and we love being able to help with a wide variety of projects.